My Friend Matt Walker

I’m super happy to announce that I have been working with Matt Walker of Maat Valkyr Studios. Matt is many things; a friend – first and foremost, multi-disciplined musician, writer, artist, and community builder, among wearing many other hats.

I feel honored and grateful to have made this new friendship and am so grateful to have been invited to be a guest contributor on his Patreon account this month!

As part of this special release, I have recorded a full reading of my zine HEAVY, created a sticker from one of the HEAVY collages in a very small run of 35, and included a digital image of a 12×12″ collage I made as an homage to my time as an escort that can’t be seen anywhere else online or in print.

I hope that you take the time to follow him on Instagram and Facebook, and consider becoming a patron on his Patreon.

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