New Zine!

HEAVY: A Zine About Things I Learned as a Sex Worker

A full-color 28-page zine full of images, collages, and writings about my personal experience as a sex worker. Signed run of 100. Digest size 5.5″ x 8.5″ on 80lb. satin paper. Price includes US shipping via media mail and taxes. Ships next business day.


I’m so excited to be offering my second zine titled “HEAVY“.

HEAVY is the result of 3 years of sex work and the subsequent years leading up to today. I’ve spent a lot of that time processing my experiences and thinking about the most important ways sex work intersects with vanilla life in business, relationships, healing, and women’s rights so I could present them in this way.

It’s my very personal take on sex work as an industry and sex workers as autonomous individuals. I share the highlights of what I learned from engaging in sex work, pairing that information with multimedia collages composed of physical items, and film photos I’ve made over the last 7 years.

My hope is that you buy one and share the contents with friends and family, spreading the idea that de-stigmatizing and supporting sex workers helps us all be better people.

Sex workers are often silenced, shadow banned, pushed out of spaces, and censored when our labor is not being consumed at our expense for the pleasure of the consumer. Often, sex workers must diligently weigh whether or not to speak about their experiences because little space is made for hearing them. I hope that changes. I can relate because I didn’t create this work while I was actively in the industry from persistent fear of being outed, and ultimately criminalized or punished for creating a life that was to my benefit.

This is my contribution to the work sex workers have built before me and hopefully paves a wider lane for others to create the work that will come after.

Here’s a peek inside:

Other resources by sex workers I recommend:
We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival
Anything by Elle Stanger, but especially this article
PUTA: A Personal Zine About Sex Work

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