Photography for Sex Workers

I am a survivor of survival sex work. Meaning, I entered sex work as a way to survive the challenges of being a marginalized person. Both times I started engaging in the industry I was homeless and without familial support. The work itself is complex and not inherently dangerous, no more dangerous than simply existing as a femme-presenting person, but is unsafe because of the stigma and criminalization surrounding it. I am grateful to have survived it, not all workers do.

This is to say that my experience with sex work is nuanced and can’t be fully explained in one blog post, but it was enlightening and challenging. It helped me face my demons and was the transitional, decisive moment that changed the trajectory of my life. I owe everything to sex work and the people who paid me, supported me, worked with and alongside me.

I learned very intimately the ways that stigma and criminalization of sex work affects not just the workers, but creates harm for society as a whole. Sex work and its intricacies intersect with countless aspects of life regardless of participation.

This awareness is what drives my mission to help destigmatize sex work by creating safe spaces to amplify voices, bring visibility, and foster understanding through art, collaboration, and community.

Now Offering: Photoshoots for Sex Workers

šŸ’Ž Goals šŸ’Ž
– to make images that align our visions
– create photos that increase your income and hopefully enhance your target audience

Weā€™ll achieve this byā€¦

 – incorporating your ideas, values, interests, and personality into the shoot

āœØ Emotions and tone of photos āœØ
moodyĀ  –Ā  intimateĀ  –Ā  professionalĀ  –Ā  creativeĀ  –Ā  strongĀ  –Ā  funĀ  –Ā  personalĀ  –Ā  alluring
invitingĀ  –Ā  sensualĀ  –Ā  captivatingĀ  –Ā  flirtatiousĀ 

Have dream photos in mind? Let me know, I want to help bring your vision to life.Ā 

šŸ«¶ What’s the deal?Ā  šŸ¤œšŸ¼šŸ¤›šŸ¼

My purpose is to network and engage with sex workers in a safe and comfortable way to create images that we can both enjoy and use to further our careers while also helping to destigmatize sex work and reduce harm.

I plan on using select images for print sales, to post on social media and my website, and to be published or displayed as fine art in print or public spaces and/or galleries. Please let me know if you have questions, needs, or concerns regarding this. I am willing to make exceptions in the interest of anonymity.

Reach out below + let’s make some magic!
Also please feel free to ask questions, request sample work, and ask to see examples of what vibe I’m moving toward. Thanks for looking!

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