The What:

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to execute it? Need help getting some clarity on a specific topic and want a fellow creative to soundboard with? Is there a certain memory that’s poking at you? Let’s get them out and make art together. I’m open to making photos of any subject that has meaning to you.

The How:

I’m inviting you – a person with a desire to process any emotion big or small, without judgement – to collaborate with me in creating fine art. You and I would meet at a site of your choosing (or mine if you prefer) and discuss whatever is on your mind. Is there a time in your life or a specific memory or image that you’d like to get out of your brain and onto film? That’s exactly what I want too.

The Why:

Processing emotional and mental blocks is something I’ve come to fall in love with. After spending the first 25 or so years of my life disengaged from my emotional and mental state, I began a healing journey.

Depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) permeated my daily life starting as early as age 12. My mental and emotional health was a result of a tumultuous childhood fraught with poverty, sexual abuse, witnessing domestic violence and addiction disorders. For most of my life I couldn’t admit that I was affected by any of the challenging experiences I survived because allowing myself to admit the affect it had meant having to feel the painful emotions that came with. I lost memories from my childhood and adolescence, intrusive thoughts plagued me, and continuing with life felt overwhelming. That’s why it was easier for me to cope and “move on” with my life by ignoring the reality of what I’d gone through.

Photography runs parallel to my life and the way I navigate the world. I generally work instinctually and somewhat dissociatively. I observe and shoot based on feeling, meaning I tend to make images without deliberate thought or analysis as to why I feel drawn to make a photo. This allows me to collect intangibles in a tangible form to save for later evaluation which is a practice I’ve cultivated through my lifetime as trauma response. I’d like to work on more intentional creation in the form of collaboration.

Now that I’ve begun the practice of intentional presence, I am making connections and associations that are helping me cultivate higher self-awareness. It is through this practice that I have been able to make impactful real-life changes to my habits, routine, and interpersonal skills. My hope is to help aid in a minor part of this process for you too.

What you get:

A new friend and hopefully some healing but also…

Professional photography services on 35mm or medium format film. Edited and non-watermarked digital image files with copyright release for printing and sharing under the condition that I retain full ownership of the negatives and usage rights to the photographs for artistic use in shows, publishing, and sale via printed media.

If this sounds like something that interests you, let’s chat and see if we can make something cool.

Reach out.

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